Ever dreamed a beautiful dream only to return to the stark reality of your life with a sigh? I love day dreaming. People often call it a waste of time. But for me, it was a form of escape from a humdrum existence in a world where I followed other people’s footsteps to one where I followed my heart and paved my own way. For a few moments, just for a few moments, it made life colorful and I felt a form of high and contentment never experienced before.

If this is how dreaming about something made me feel, what would it be like to follow them? Six years ago, on the eve of my birthday, I took a resolution to follow those dreams. Whether it was a small wish that I would playfully make on a shooting star or a lifelong aspiration since childhood, I made sure I worked towards them.

Ever since, my life has taken a dramatic turn for the better.

Do you love the life you are living now? Ever wondered what it would feel like to love life? What would be the first step to it? 

Start dreaming.

And the second step

Follow them.

This blog is about just that. Following those dreams now.